Vertigo Trampoline Club aims to provide children of all ages and abilities with an opportunity to participate in a fun and exhilarating sport, at recreational or competitive level.  In addition to the benefits of physical activity, trampolining instills a sense of self-worth, disclipine and teamwork.  It also hones gymnastic skills that can open doors to competing nationally and internationally, both individually and in a team.

Vertigo has produced some top-ranking trampoline and double-mini-trampoline performers.  The club, now under direction of Head Coach Simon Chick, is set for more excellent results and achievements this year.  The club encourages participants of all ages and all abilities, from recreational through to national champions.

Vertigo, with its high accreditation, is committed to encouraging participation in sport and continuing to help young people in their personal development.  We work hard to raise funds and sponsorship in order to make the sport as affordable as possible for all our members.

Contact us today if you would like to find out more about Vertigo, or if you fancy coming along to try trampolining for yourself!

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