All participants must be members of  British/Welsh Gymnastics. Please join directly via their website.

Taster sessions are available please contact Nicola


Training sessions: Monday 6-7,7-8, Tuesday 5-6,6-7,7-8, Wednesday 5-6,6-7,Thursday 6-7,7-8,8-9 and Friday 6-7,7-8 

These are 18+, Recreation or Competition Squad sessions so please see Nicola to arrange your training times

Timetable is on display at the centre


£5.00 per hour

Please set up your standing orders for training fees to reach our account by the 10th of each month.

Recreation Class Kit

T shirts, shorts, tracksuit, clean socks and hair tied back - no hoodies, jeans, jewellery or shoes allowed on the equipment

Competition Kit 

Girls - Long-sleeved(TRA) short sleeved (DMT) club leotard, plain white socks/DMT shoes, hair tied back.

Boys - Club leotard, whites(TRA) shorts(DMT), white socks and neat hair.

The kit list is available from Nicola.


If, for any reason, you are unable to make a training session, please let us know.......... Contact Nicola on 07817 846644 or Simon on 07806 660114.

Upcoming Events


There will be attendance at the Dave Ward Hunt International, The Trampoline League Final and the Welsh Open in the run up to Christmas 2018

Regional National Development Performance competitions will take place in Wales after Christmas

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