Training Sessions

Training sessions: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,Thursday Friday evenings, DMT Saturdays

Some of these are Adult / Elite sessions, please see Nicola to arrange your times

Upcoming Events

Fundraising: Do you have a good idea for this?

Competition: Welsh Championships February 2017

Competition: Regional NDP 23rd October

International competition: Frivolten Cup, Sweden, May 2017

Competition Kit

Girls - Long-sleeved club leotard, plain white socks, hair tied back.

Boys - Club Leotard, whites, white socks and neat hair.

The kit list is available from Nicola.


Training sessions are £3.50/hour.


If, for any reason, you are unable to make a training session, please let us know.............. Contact Nicola on 07817 846644 or Simon on 07806 660114.

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